Cultural Zeitgeist

My Cousin Rachel at the Greenwich Picturehouse.

There is pretty much nothing I can tell you about it without giving something away. What I will say though is go and see it.

Cultural Zeitgeist

Greybeard by Brian Aldiss

After the accident no more children are being born. THat’s the background, but not the focus of the story – elegaic story for a lost and changing world.

First published in 1962 I think.

Highly recommended

Theresa May – A Poem

Strong and Stable

Rough and Ready

Prim and Proper

So they say

Weak and Wobbly

Scared of People

Raging Hypocrite

Theresa May

Lacks Conviction


Narrow Bigoted

Every Day


Cultural Zeitgeist

Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave at the British Museum

Fascinating exhibition focussing on his later works mainly. Some absolutely stunning pieces and of course The Great Wave in the flesh, so to speak.

Really, really enjoyed it.

One other thing, the British Museum have introduced new security measures after the Manchester incident. These include the most perfunctory bag searches I have ever seen. might as well have not bothered.

Cultural Zeitgeist

Islington Assembly Halls to see the most diffident man in rock – Ron Sexsmith.

He was very good, but then he usually is.

Let the bells ring out in celebration

Great news in Gilead. There is a reconciliation between The Flame Haired Temptress and Ofluke.

Fear of the great conflagration has driven them into each others arms.Great was the joy in that place and great was the delight.

The madness had lifted and all was bright in that good morning

Cultural Zeitgeist

Londons Calling – Clash, whats the word – covers, tribute, whatever act at the 100 Club.

40th anniversary of the release of the first Clash album, played in its entirety and then a bunch of their other best known songs.

Good fun, got a bit kareoke at times but still most enjoyable.

Audience full of men of a certain age, waistline and hairline.

Separated at Birth

Count Arthur Strong


and Len McClusky


A Poem Inspired by Pointless

My trouser waistband is to tight

I loosen it, alone at night,

And then they drop, I feel a fool

I’m taken to the ducking stool

I float, therefore I am a witch

Trousers unravel, I cannot stitch

Where are my braces, where my belt

My scarlet waistcoat made of felt

And suede and linen, also bark

I wear it walking in the park

But it is lost and so am I

And so farewell and so goodbye

Cultural Zeitgeist

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

Don’t know why it has taken me 20 years to read this. A lovely lovely book.