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The Oresteia at the Pleasance Islington

Condenses Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides into an hour.

3 young actresses perform the whole lot.

Very, very good. On at Greenwich Theatre in January (I think).

Go and see it


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Rotherweird by Andrew Caldecott

Not sure how to describe this – part fantasy, part science fiction, part comedy, part gothic horror. Really a folk tale about a forgotten part of England.

I’ll be honest it’s the first part of a trilogy, if I had know that when I picked it up I probably wouldn’t have done. Glad I did though.

Very good

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Alice Oswald’s Memorial at the Barbican

A dramatised version of the entirely wonderful Memorial.

Here is a review of it from The Stage website. Pretty much sums it up I reckon


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Art Matters by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell

A small book about the importance of art and why it matters, why we should be creative and why that matters.

All of which is true

A gentle, mild-mannered rallying cry

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Slow Horses by Mick Herron

First of the Jackson Lamb novels, and the first Mick Herron book I have read.

I shall be reading the others

Cultural Zeitgeist

The Killing Habit – Mark Billingham

The Latest Tom Thorne novel.

It rattles along a a fair old rate, but there was something unsatisfying about it, can’t quite put my finger on what though

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Part of the Camden Fringe at The Bill Murray

Stephen Catling vs Himself and Other Monsters

30 minutes of sheer joy and silliness, see a man literally wrestle his inner demons.

On for another 3 nights Tuesday 21/9 – Thursday 23/8 @ 6:00pm

Go on, go along you wont regret it

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Tuf Voyaging – George R R Martin

Haviland Tuf acquires the last remaining, 1000 year old, ship of the Ecological Engineering Corp.

What does he do with it.

A series of short(ish) stories.

If all you have read of George R R Martin is A song of Fire and Ice you are missing out

Read this, and all his other works

You won’t regret it


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Orgininators – Andrew Lane & Nigel Foster

Science Fiction, part 2 of what look like a trilogy (Netherspace was the first). Genuinely alien, aliens. part thriller, part philosophy, par who done it, part why. Not as good as the first part, still good though

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Buzzcocks and Heaton and Abbott at the Castlefield Bowl Manchester.

It was meant to be Heaton and Abbott and Elvis Costello, but EC is unwell.

Buzzcocks, better than when we saw them 12 years ago, in the words of Woty “we were overtired then”. They were very good, the only disconcerting thing is that Pete Shelley looks exactly like Alexei Sayle.

Heaton and Abbott – everyone seemed to enjoy them and I suppose objectively they were good, but I just don’t like Paul Heaton, never have in any of his incarnations. Just leaves me cold. There always seems to me to be something cynical and arch about him.

But that said a lovely day, met up with Manchester cousins, which was great.

Thanks to Woty for organising.