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Two WIP at the Brighton Fringe

1st (disclaimer, she is a friend) Emily McQuade – Impish. Very good and highly recommended

2nd Grainne Maguire, not her best, but I imagine it was an early version


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Last Orders by Graham Swift

Only the second Booker Prize winning novel I have ever read. This one is all about family secrets, so was the other one I read. Are they all like that.

Very enjoyable but I didn’t really find any of the characters likeable, maybe they weren’t meant to be.

Made into a film with Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren and Ray Winstone. I won’t be searching that one out.

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Wreath – Simon Munnery at the Soho Theatre

It’s an hour of Simon Munnery, unless you have seen him it is almost impossible to describe what an hour of Simon Munnery is like. No two are the same.

Very, very funny

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100 Club to see London Calling play London Calling in its entirety.

London Calling are a Clash tribute act and very good they are too, until “Joe Strummer” talks when it all gets a bit West Country.

Shades of San Francisco in the crowd, men of my age who clearly were punks in 1977 and decided thats it, this is style for me, no need to change.

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Good Omens – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Don’t quite understand why I have never read this before. Target was to finish it before the TV series starts.

Thoroughly enjoyable, though I did feel the end was a little rushed

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Jimmy Carr at the Blackheath Halls

One of 2 WIP he did there last night, we went to the first one.

Pretty much what you would expect, quickfire jokes and lots of them (probably 250 in 90 minutes). Mostly very funny but as expected some I didn’t find funny and some I found offensive.

I don’t have a problem with that I knew what expect, however the two women sitting in front of us got up and walked out, what were they expecting.

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Trigger Warnings – Short stories and stuff by Neil Gaiman.

I don’t believe it is possible for Neil Gaiman to write something that isn’t readable. All good, standouts “The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains” and “Black Dog”

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Alexei Sayle WIP at The Museum of Comedy

Who doesn’t like some ranty comedy once in a while. Age has not mellowed him, very funny, very good

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Belter for Shelter – fundraiser for the Hackney Winter Night Shelter project at the Hackney Empire.

A few drop out so not necessarily the advertised bill.

MCed by Daniel Kitson, who can and probably does do this sort of thing in his sleep, maybe half to three quarter powered.

First half

Nish Kumar – very good

Rosie Jones – very good

Athena Kugblenu – OK, patchy, good in parts

Kevin Eldon (doing whatever his poet character is called) – very good

Second half

John Hegley – A replacement for someone (not sure who) – very good

Sophie Hagen – good, I can see how she wouldn’t appeal to all tastes

Rob Delaney – rather phoned it in, but OK

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Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Great fun though I do wonder how much some of the younger children in the cinema enjoyed it.

Rose said it was very “trippy” and she is right.

Also all right thinking people agree that Lego Batman is the best film Batman out there