Cultural Zeitgeist

Buzzcocks and Heaton and Abbott at the Castlefield Bowl Manchester.

It was meant to be Heaton and Abbott and Elvis Costello, but EC is unwell.

Buzzcocks, better than when we saw them 12 years ago, in the words of Woty “we were overtired then”. They were very good, the only disconcerting thing is that Pete Shelley looks exactly like Alexei Sayle.

Heaton and Abbott – everyone seemed to enjoy them and I suppose objectively they were good, but I just don’t like Paul Heaton, never have in any of his incarnations. Just leaves me cold. There always seems to me to be something cynical and arch about him.

But that said a lovely day, met up with Manchester cousins, which was great.

Thanks to Woty for organising.


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