Today marks the 50 anniversary since the founding of Crisis. Here is an extract from the mail I received from them today.

“It’s half a century since Crisis was founded, as an urgent response to the growing homelessness crisis.

Over the decades, Crisis supporters like you have helped us change countless lives for the better. But we never intended to be in existence for this long – and we don’t intend to be needed in 50 years’ time.

So in our 50th year, we’re going to work together with others to produce a plan to end homelessness once and for all.”

Me again now:

In those 50 years we have had 21 years of Labour government, 24 of Conservative and 5 of Coalition, so I think we can safely say that all parties are equally culpable.

But there is something you can do about it:

If it was your brother or sister, daughter or son wouldn’t you want someone to help them. Well they are all someones daughter or son, someones brother or sister.

So give them the help you would want given to someone you love.


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