Master of Hobbies

I am the Master of Hobbies.

Today’s hobby is called “pushing a fat person down a hill”

For today’s hobby you will need a hill. I suggest going to the Observatory at Greenwich Park. Y0u will be able to get some fresh air at the same time. You will need a collection of foodstuffs to tempt the fat person. I use mini pork pies, Pringles and chunky Kit-Kats. You will also need a flask of weak lemon drink.

At the top of the hill lay out your foodstuffs in an enticing manner. Then sit on one of the many benches that are available. You can now have your weak lemon drink while waiting for the arrival of a fat person.

When the fat person arrives their chubby face will burst into a smile and they will exclaim “Ooh! look at all these lovely treats”.

When they bend to help themselves to the treats you must leap up and push them, hard!

They will start to roll down the hill in a most amusing manner.

I am the master of hobbies.


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