The Shed of Passage

The Major’s new “shed” is approaching completion. 10m by 8m the matt black metal structure sits in his garden in Marden.

Soundproofed to standards only dreamt of at Guantanamo Bay the rumours abound about its ultimate use.

I have been allowed access and what I have seen chills me to the bone.

The first thing you notice is the smell of sausage fat it is only later that you notice it running down the walls. An elaborate system of pumps and reservoirs keeps the flow constant.

At each corner of the room is a large speaker, these, at unspeakable volumes, play pig noises into the room.

By the door hang a number of mask. These are fashioned from human skin, but made to look like pigs heads. The snouts are covered in what appears to be blood, grease and fluids I would not care to contemplate.

At the far end of the room is a large throne of bone and leather (I would not care to speculate what species these come from).

Next to the throne is a cross with a sow crucified on it, it snuffles quietly, seared into its hide are the words


The night is dark and full of terrors, God help us all.



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