Over the weekend I did the Laughing Horse 2 day stand-up comedy course led by Jay Sodagar

If you have ever wanted to try stand-up do this first it is a brilliant course and Jay is a great teacher. Its intensive and hard work but great fun.

You finish with the graduation show. My first ever 5 minute standup set in front of a paying audience, OK they were mainly friends and family of others on the course, but you still have to get up there and make them laugh.

It was exhilarating and I cant wait to try it again.

Genuine jokes making people laugh, I even got them all singing along at the end.

5 minutes in summary



Social Activism

Celebrity Death



When I do it again, and I will be doing it again, I will let you all know

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One Response to Stand-up

  1. David says:

    Some hilarious lines, great observations and the singing at the end was genius.

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