What is Education for in the 21st Century

Another excellent column by Zoe Williams, asking a question I have asked several times here.


Here is the final part of the article.

“In the long term, the mutation of schools into joyless exam factories won’t be halted by resistance alone, we also need to make a proper account of what education is for.

As Weingarten describes, “We have to help kids build relationships. We have to address their life skills, so they can negotiate the world. We have to help kids build resilience. We have to help kids learn how to problem-solve, how to think, how to engage. So tell me, how are any of these things tested on a standardised test?” That’s a test question for the tin-eared secretary of state herself.”

Whatever you think the purpose of education is, I think it is plain that Nicky Morgan is not the right person to be overseeing it.


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