The gift that keeps on giving – notes

“Too many cooks, not enough indians”

What can he have meant. The Major is a great believer in language evolving to meet the way we live today. Nothing that he says is not thought through thoroughly, so what was the process that lead him to say the above.

He is merging 2 well know metaphors:

  1. “Too many cooks spoil the broth”
  2. “Too many chiefs, not enough indians”

Now you or I may think that he has simply got them confused. What he was trying to achieve (and I believe did) was to find a phrase which implied that there were too many managers who did not know what they were doing, while at the same time there were not enough non-managers to do the work.

His mind working at speeds undreamt of by Einstein, Hawking or Sheldon Cooper found a way of taking 2 tired cliched metaphors and turned them into one succinct phrase which crystalised his thinking.

The fact he also managed to incorporate a hidden play on the words CHIEF and CHEF simply demonstrates that he operates on a different level to the rest of us.




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