Academisation (I think that’s a word)

OK so all schools are forced to become Academies. Among the alleged “benefits” are more control over budgets. I think we can see where that one is going, no national pay scales for teachers, hands up who thinks teachers pay is going to rise, and of course bring on those zero hours contracts, you don’t work during the holidays so we wont pay you. Of course the Chief Executive of the academy chain is worth his half million pound a year, takes a lot of effort to schmooze those DfE officials.

Another alleged benefit is “more control over the curriculum”. In principle this sounds great, as I see it it means the end of the invidious, stressful school testing regime. How on earth can you compare pupils or teachers or schools (or whatever the bizarre justification is for testing this week) if they are not studying the same things. So that’s an end to league tables as well then.

Yeah, can’t quite see it panning out like that.



One Response to Academisation (I think that’s a word)

  1. Alan Jones says:

    And of course this is going to bring back all the teachers that have retired/changed careers because of the increased workload that the previous set of changes have done. Er no I don’t think so!

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