Reality Tunnels

As I have said on here many times words matter, what you call things is important, what you call things can alter the reality of things

Last night at BaM during his lecture Frankie Boyle made just this point, he gave two examples.

Daydreaming, that’s what we used to call thinking, and of more relevance to events;

Stress; Tell people you are stressed at work and the response is well everyone should expect a little (or a lot) of stress at work.

If you are stressed well that’s only to be expected, live with it.

But what is stress, it is what we used to call unhappiness.

Tell someone you are unhappy and they feel they need to do something, tell them you are stressed, well not so much.

Lets go back to using what we mean. Have I been stressed at work recently, no I haven’t, I have been unhappy.


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