Cultural Zeitgeist

BAM (Being a Man) at the RFH.

Primarily Akala and Frankie Boyle. Much different to last year, fewer middle-aged, middle-class white man for a start.

Also featured Josh Osho, singer, not might sort of thing, Anthony Anaxagorou, poet, started by asking if it was OK if he did some poems about his dad. Really no please don’t. Finally Jaja Soze, him I enjoyed.

Had a couple of poems and a song from Akala and then about 30-40 minutes stand-up by Frankie Boyle, both very good.

That was the end of the first half. Second half started with a lecture by Frankie Boyle,reality tunnels, or how Britain constructs the reality of how it sees itself in the world. Most of what he says chimes with my own views so I enjoyed that.

Finally and most surreally, Akala and Frankie Boyle discuss Hip-hop and Rap. Left when the questions from the audience started, experience shows that when you invite questions from the audience what you get is men trying to show how clever they are.


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