Clandestine Cake Club

The first rule of Clandestine Cake Club is don’t talk about Clandestine Cake Club.

Attended my first event as a member of the Greenwich branch yesterday.

Its a simple premise, everyone makes cakes (has to be cake, no muffins, brownies, tarts etc) and everyone tries every cake.

Eight cake makers so eight slices of cake. Any left at the end we share out and take home.

The theme was arty cakes.

Mine was a two tier cake (beetroot and chocolate for the bottom and carrot, walnut and tangerine for the top) decorated to look like a Warhol (that’s Warhol not Warhol) soup tin.

Also had

Carrot, orange, pecan and sultana cake

Bacon cake (yes bacon, candied bacon in and on the cake)

Rainbow cake

Tomato Soup cake (made with real tomato soup)

Vanilla and orange sponge

Victoria sponge with swiss roll centre and raspberry curd

Coffee cake with salted caramel icing

All very nice as were the people.

I can confidently say it was the most cake I have ever had in one sitting


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