Modern day Hinge and Brackett

Now that the V & A have rejected the offer of Margaret Thatchers clothes I hear a rumour that the Conservative Party have bought them.

You may be wondering why.

The story I hear is that there is a secret bunker in the Downing Street complex. This bunker is guarded by genetically modified failed election candidates who after their tour of duty have their eyes, tongue and hands removed so that they can never reveal what they have seen there.

This bunker has rack upon rack of Margaret Thatcher old dresses, coat and accessories.

After a stressful day demonising the poor, the homeless and the young, George Osborne and David Cameron retire to this room.

Once there they dress in Margaret Thatcher’s old clothes and do each others hair and makeup. They bow before the specially commissioned Damian Hirst portrait of Thatcher (titled ‘Hopes End’) raise a large gin and tonic and tell each other the Belgrano joke.

Suitably fortified they return to their chosen task of destroying society.


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