The Fight of the Year

There is a dispute between The Flame Haired Temptress and The Major about the date of this years team Christmas meal. They both want the same date, the argument is about which of them said it first.

Kernel Flapjack has suggested naked wrestling as a solution.

He has offered to take on both The Major and The Flame Haired Temptress, whichever lasts longest will be the winner.

To make things more “interesting” he has asked that they be lubricated.

The Major will be greased up with brown sauce and sausage fat, The Flame Haired Temptress with mud and prosecco.

When these fights take place I will bring you a report on them.

Current betting

Kernel Flapjack – Evens

The Flame Haired Temptress – 11/2

Caractacus (The Major’s pet Monocled Bear) 16/1

Charlotte Church – 22/1

Jeremy Corbyn – 40/1

The Major – 2000/1


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