New Old Labour, Old New Shambles

The great Corbyn experience trundles on.

What dowe think of it so far. All in all not impressed.

John McDonnell announces Labour are to oppose fiscal charter after first saying they would support it. I have no problem at all with Labour opposing it, it is just another piece of cheap political legerdemain by George Osborne.

But why say they would oppose in the first place. It is always much easier to say no and change that to a yes that to say yes and change that to a no.

So thats one fail there.

Next, Labour could support military action in Syria without a UN resolution. To what end, what do they hope to achieve, other than seeming “tough”. Intellectually and emotionally I am opposed to any form of military action, I rather hoped that was the case for New Old Labour as well, alas not.


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