A story for which the world was noy yet ready or Aporkalypse now

It is only with the passage of time that I can tell of the disturbing and almost unbelievable events that occurred 3 days past.

It was a Tuesday afternoon like any other, the conversation had been gay and witty and had covered Thailand, forcing the sick back to work and the possibility of burning syrian refugees as a coal replacement at power stations. On the last I had to tell the Archduke Franz that while yes it was original thinking, it did not kill two birds with one stone and was almost certainly illegal.

All this time the Major had been keeping his powder (‘Pale Fifi’ part of the Boots No 7 collection) dry. It was now he dropped his bombshell…

“I think I was mistaken”

…sorry I cannot continue, the shock and pain is still too raw, the Archduke feels it too. We were the ones nearest to the blast zone, I doubt we will ever recover fully.


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