Do you ever have the feeling that you are not doing enough?

Like all (I hope all) of you I have been shocked and horrified by the ongoing refugee crisis. I have been equally dismayed by our governments attitude and response to it.

But my shock and dismay isn’t helping anybody, all it is doing is allowing me to parade my ‘liberal’ guilt.

Like a lot of you I have retweeted things and ‘liked’ things on Facebook. I have signed petitions and I have donated money but again that is easy, it hasn’t cost me anything really.

So what do I do next?

I talk a lot (on here, and elsewhere) about things needing to change and the need to stand up and participate, to make a difference, but so far that is all it is, talk. And talk is easy, and talk is cheap, and talk doesn’t really change anything.

I need to do something practical. I just need to find the right vehicle for that.

Once I do I will be urging you all to join me.

Because you know what, if we let this continue without trying to help, we are part of the problem, not part of the solution.


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