M J O G – It’s that time of year again

A reprise of a favourite.

A Level results day. One of the 2 officially sanctioned days of the year (the other is O Level results day) when it is acceptable to belittle and denigrate our children.

The arrogance of these Miserable Joyless Old Gits assuming that the apogee of human achievement was them (it seems the education system was at its toughest and best whenever they were going through it).

I am always astonished by the fact that the Miserable Joyless Old Gits feel threatened by the achievements of A Level students. Why do they not want things to get better and for people to improve.

It should be a cause for celebration not carping.

To quote Jefferson Airplane

“In loyalty to their kind
they cannot tolerate our minds.”

Or to quote David Bowie

“Better make way for the Homo Superior”


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