I have been told that there are times when this blog is unclear to readers, that people don’t understand what I am talking about.

In an effort to garner more support I am going to tap into thet nostalgia vibe and remember things, the way that Peter Kay and poor radio DJs do.

Obviously I wont be remmebering anything before the summer of 1960 as conversations with colleagues suggest that it is impossible to be aware of things that happened before you were born.

Thats a relief I can leave out all of my Hitler jokes.

I shall start be remembering some much loved detective shows from the late 60’s/early 70’s

Denver Patrol – Alan Alda plays an epileptic undercover cop. Made by Alda before he appeared in MASH cancelled after 8 shows.

Ktristofer – Private Eye working the mean streets of Glasgow. Razor gangs, Ice Cream Wars, surprisingly no mention of sectarianism or prejudice, but it was the BBC in 1972.

Brothers in Arms – Comedy(!) loosely based on the Krays and the “bent” coppers who protected them.


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