Cultural Zeitgeist

World Factory at the Young Vic with Rose

Tables of 6 each one running a textile factory in China. You are give a series of decisions to make. The first is cut your workers salaries by a third or sack half of them. Subsequent decisions all stem from the choice you make at the start and the ones you make thereafter.

I think we were about in the middle of the 16 teams. Didn’t know the others on our table and we made some decisions, on the basis of a vote, that I wasn’t entirely happy with. Mind at one point I had control of the technology and just did what I wanted anyway.

Sometimes neither of the decisions were ones I liked but you had to pick one of the two recommended.

I would highly recommend it.

I would be interested to see how it turned out if I could have indulged all of my “liberal” instincts (within the constraints of the game of course).


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