Carry on Don’t Follow that Camel

The Archduke Franz – keen racist and golfer – expressed concern this morning that there were people sleeping rough in the car park. He wasn’t concerned about them, but about the fact they were in his spot. He informed us with a degree of certainty seldom seen that they were “Migrants”, he almost spat the word in his anger and hostility.

He has since spoken to a colleague who confirmed that these rough sleepers were not there at 8:15, but were there when he arrived.

This suggests to me that they are nomadic, Bedouin being the most likely. I asked if he had seen any camels, he explained that he did not know what a camel was as he had only ever seen English animals, like the bulldog and the goldfish.

He has now gone to offer them the sharp end of his boot and tell them to move on. Being nomadic they are likely to do this anyway, even with the casual bigotry.


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