Cultural Zeitgeist

Mad Men the final episode.

What do we think, those few of us who have stayed with it all this time.

First if you are watching it and haven’t seen the final episode – NO SPOILERS

I am entirely satisfied with the ending, much more so than I was with the end of the Sopranos or Lost. I beleive it stayed true to itself throughout. It didn’t cop out or cheat, it did what it has always done, told its story simply, beautifully and elegantly.

Mad Men is the show that I have most enjoyed over its entire run, there have been moments over the last 8 years where I believe it has touched highs that very few TV programmes ever have. It is the programme that I have enjoyed the most and looked forward to the most. It is in my opinion simply one the the finest TV shows ever made.

If any one wants to debate that point with me, don’t bother, you are wrong!

And don’t forget “When your name is on the building you develop a certain sense of entitlement”


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