Move to the Centre?

Zoe Williams making the same point I made in a conversation earlier today, on the same topic just seen David Miliband on the news saying Labour had moved “too far to the left”.

“…as if all their problems could be solved if only they could return to a time when they were considered “centrist”. These words – left, far-left, centrist, right – have no objective meaning. The ideas of the centre ground – that the private sector is better at everything, that growth is the highest value for a society to aspire to, that people on benefits must be starved into work because they’re lazy – would five years ago have been called the right, and five years before that been called the far right.

What counts now as far left, many bridges too far for the Labour party – that housing is a human right, that tertiary education is an investment in the future that we all should share, that wages must be liveable or they don’t count as wages – would, within the past decade, have been known as common sense. To chase the centre is to chase the ever-shifting territory of your opponent’s demarcation,…”


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