The knee bones connected to…

Alas the Flame Haired Temptress is not with us today. She has taken herself to the Tracy Emin memorial hoskital and art gallery to complain about modern art and to have her knees x-rayed.

There is speculation that she tripped in a Pinot fuelled accident while out running last evening. This is the story that is being put about for public consumption. It is not the truth.

As her confidante and chronicler of record she has seen fit to vouchsafe, to me, the true reason for her incapacity.

After arranging a date (either on or she was looking forward to an evening of intelligent male company, not something available at work.

Unfortunately her date Senor Giovanni Pasquale proved to be a lech, when he made a clumsy pass at her she gave him a swift knee to the groin, first with her left knee, then quickly followed it up with her right. It was now that she discovered that Giovanni was wearing an armoured codpiece and that she had sustained damage to both knees.

I have ask the Major what the treatment for this is and he recommends Pinot and sausages.

I believe that the Flame Haired Temptress has been in touch with DartfordBridgeTrollJitsu who is a recoverer from the debillitating condition that is Kneeitis


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