Remembering Chris PIne

Alas Chris Pine, the newest member of the team is with us no more. He is not yet completely dead but he is sinking fast. Over the last few days he has gone downhill quickly in the tropical heat of Vauxhall.

He joined us just before Christmas 2014. He was small, prickly and hadn’t been on a date for some time. Very much like Hoggjitsu (where is he now I wonder). We garlanded him with tinsel and wooden toys. He looked like the unholy child of Russell Brand, Jimmy Saville and Geppetto, we loved him though.

After Christmas passed he asked if he could stay, in the secret language of trees, which of course I speak. We had a vote and the only dissenting voice was the Archduke who was concerned that he might be a foreign tree.

He had his own pot and was watered regularly, but to no avail.

We shall not see his like again.

Fenian O’Loftladder will be a poor replacement.

RIP Chris Pine – 12/2014-03/2015 – He added to the gaiety of nations


One Response to Remembering Chris PIne

  1. Tony says:

    He needed the wind in his cones, no doubt. Especially like the Flann O’Brien reference.

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