The A Team vs The B Team

New team member Chris Pine(a) has been embraced by the A team(b). He has impressed and is being put forward for promotion. There is rumour of a pay rise(c) for him this year.

This is breeding resentment among some members of the B team(d). Not me of course for I am not a bitter man(e).

I might let him die though(f)

(a) Chris Pine is our Christmas Tree, we are trying to keep him alive for as long as we can

(b) The Scotch Giant, The Super Soldier, The Flame Haired Temptres and Andreas Choirimeri. The elite, cream will rise to the top.

(c) Mythical beast, like the Unicorn, the Manticore and the Porklord (all hail the Porklord in his old mans vest, for the seed of the Porklord is strong)

(d) The Lieutenant Colonel, The Archduke Franz, The Vampire Queen (Ageless, though not so much this week) and the Infinitepirate. He is the Great Red Dragon, we are the Woman Clothed with the Sun.

(e) ?

(f) He’s a tree, with a plan, he’s Misstra know-it-all


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