UKIP vs Freedom of Speech

From the mailing list of Stewart Lee

Freedom of speech should be one of the cornerstones of our society and practiced by all, but this unfortunately is not the case. Islamic fundamentalists are a prime example of those who do not sign up for the freedoms we have fought for centuries to protect.


UKIP tries to shut down comedy tour – Aggressive campaign against Jonny & The Baptists

UKIP is trying to stop musical comedy duo Jonny And The Baptists from touring.
Their current show is called The Stop UKIP Tour, prompting party supporters to target venues with a sustained written and phone call campaign. They have also put pressure on venues’ sponsors and benefactors.
The campaign was sparked by UKIP’s deputy leader Paul Nuttalls, who said: ‘Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and UKIP is very much the party of free speech but I think it is wrong that taxpayers money is being used to back this production.
The UKIP MEP for the North West Of England complained on the party website that: ‘This blatantly party political rubbish is being staged to coincide with the run-up to the Euro elections in May and I am appalled that one of the venues in [sic] the much lauded Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. I would have hoped they had higher standards than giving this show house room.
‘I have written to the Arts Council about this matter and also the Royal Exchange expressing my views about this distasteful satire.


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