Policies I’d like to see – 2 – Education

2) Education

Lets make one thing clear up front, teachers are there to teach children, they are not, repeat not childminders.

Now we have that out of the way lets start, and we’ll start at the beginning.

a) Raise the school starting age to 6. No formal education education until then, research shows that by the age of 11 the difference between starting formal education at 5 or 6 (or even 7) is negligible.

b) No rote or parrot fashion learning, no dictating the way children are taught. What we are looking at here is outcomes, we don’t care how you get the children there as long as you get them there.

c) No league tables, they are invidious and lead to teaching to the test. We currently teach what we can test. This is arse about face, lets test what we can teach. If you can’t test it but it is worth teaching then don’t test it, teach it though.

d) Teach research skills, critical thinking, communication. All of these are much more useful than knowing who was the 4th wife of Henry VIII. I don’t know, I’ll tell you who does though – Google. Instill in people a life long love of learning.

e) Education for it’s own sake, children are not just cogs in “UK PLC”, they are not units of production for business, they are the future, lets treat them like that.

f) Reduce schools leaving age to 16.

g) A knock on from f, national exams only at 11 (the end of primary education) and 16/18 (that is the final year of schooling). If you are leaving school at 18 you don’t need to be taking exams at 16. Schools are more than capable of checking progress internally.

h) Abolish students fees and cancel all student debt

i) No state funding for anything other than secular local authority run schools. If you want to set up and run a Free School, an Academy or a faith school (of any faith) then you pay for it. The Government won’t.

j) Remove charitable status from Public Schools

k) Trust teachers to do their job, they are trained professionals. Not here today gone tomorrow politicians yearning for some mythical golden age.

l) Celebrate diversity

m) Celebrate children


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