Policies I’d like to see – 1

The first in an occasional series of policies I would like to see someone promoting in the upcoming election.

1) Housing

Appoint a Cabinet level Secretary of State for Housing. Their remit to oversee the building of 200,000 homes a year every year over the life of the parliament – 1,000,000 homes in total.

That is homes, for people to live in, not investments for people to buy and leave empty.

These homes would be retained in public ownership and would be let out at subsidised affordable rents to people who required them.

“Oh, but how can we afford it?” I hear you ask. Well in the last 5 years we have given £375,000,000,000 (this is £375 billion) to the banks, didn’t that work well.

Hopefully this would also have the effect of bringing about a much needed permanent downward readjustment to the ridiculously inflated housing market.


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