Tony Blair and UKIP

Finally a senior Labour politician has had the guts to say the right thing on UKIP

“Let’s be clear: we don’t think that Ukip’s right, not on immigration and not on Europe – so the first thing you’ve got to be really careful of doing is … saying things that suggest that they’re kind of justified in their policy, because what you’re actually going to do is validate their argument when in fact you don’t believe in it.”

Labour, he says, should not “end up chasing after the policies of a party like Ukip, who you don’t agree with, whose policies would take this country backwards economically, politically, in every conceivable way, and who, ultimately, at the heart of what they do, have a rather nasty core of prejudice that none of us believe in, which you’ve actually got to take on and fight. So the way to deal with this is to deal with it by what you believe.”

Alas that politician is Tony Blair who is now so toxic that no one will listen to him.

Well much as I despise the man in this case he is right. So something I never thought I would say – Well done Tony Blair.

What we need now is for the spineless UKIP fellow travellers in the other parties to relocate their collective backbone and call out UKIP for what it is – Nasty, Racist, Right Wing


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