The Wrong Road to Travel

This from Rafael Behr in today’s Guradian

“If Britain found itself outside the EU with a draconian visa regime to prevent Polish plumbers boarding the Eurostar, the spirit of Ukip would not dissipate; it would coalesce around another supposed source of social and economic contamination – probably poorly integrated minority communities or alleged Muslim disloyalty – because Faragism is a strain of nationalism, and that is the road that nationalism always eventually travels.”

and this

“This would matter less if the battle was simply over the future of the Tory party. It needs to choose whether it is an organisation that believes in responsible government for the many, or would rather squander its good name lending respectability to Farage’s agenda of embittered English nationalism.

The proper place to work that one out is in opposition. Yet it is happening while Cameron still holds the levers of power. He has duties to the whole country. The terrain Ukip contests is the soul of British politics. Is it too much to hope for that our prime minister might choose the side of evidence over anecdote, reason over fury, truth over fiction?”


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