Bilbao – Some thoughts

1) Pictures do not do the Guggenheim justice. It is the most extraordinary building I have ever seen. Like an alien spacecraft crash landed in the middle of a city.

2) Yoko Ono’s art is really good, don’t know why that should surprise me but it did. Very reminiscent of Tracy Emin (I guess that should be the other way round really). The Flame Haired Temptress would have hated it, there was nothing even close to a picture of a thing by an adult in a government approved place.

3) Go while the Aste Nagusia is on, it’s brilliant

4) It is possible to make a fire work display interesting. The one on Wednesday by a Swedish company was simply stunning

5) There wouldn’t be much variety but you could eat and drink well enough with 4 words of Spanish and the ability to point

6) They are not Spanish and you are not in Spain. They are Basque.

7) Funicular railways are the future we need one in Greenwich Park



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