Let’s not embarrass anybody…

Next week we will meet the intrepid Stefan for the first time.

In order not to embarrass him, the Flame Haired Temptress or ourselves here are some ground rules for conversation.

DO NOT discuss the following:

  1. Growing up in Sweden
  2. Abba
  3. The Boy in the Bubble
  4. Lasse Viren (he’s Finnish)
  5. Patti Hearst
  6. Henrik Ibsen (he’s Norwegian)
  7. “Coffee and Buns”
  8. Rod Polse (It’s a Danish sausage, as the Lieutenant Colonel will confirm)
  9. The Baby with the Baboon Heart
  10. Disco Polo
  11. The novels of Faye Weldon
  12. Whether he can get you a job (he can’t)
  13. Why the Flame Haired Temptress keeps calling him Steve (just let it pass, he doesn’t want to upset her by correcting her)
  14. Igloos
  15. Federico Garcia Lorca

In the green morning
I wanted to be a heart.
A heart.




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