Date 2.5

The Flame Haired Temptress has a new man in her life.

Tonight she is meeting Stefan of the Internet, Hereditary IT Nerd for the 3rd time, for their 2nd (and a half date).

The first date was at the Dianetics Centre on Tottenham Court Road, tonights date is on the underground (or at least that is what I think she said).

The half date was a secret tryst for “coffee and buns”.

Stefan, went to Brigham Young University in Utah and has 4 wives, 18 children and a pet gecko. He is alas estranged from all of these, except the gecko.

He proudly wears his LDS baseball cap on all dates (mainly to hide his bald spot)

After her struggles in the field of lurve over the last few years, it is good to see the Flame Haired Temptress happy again.

Stefan currently resides in the part of SE London that even those of us who live in SE London talk of in hushed, scared tones.


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