To Me, To You – The Fat Chuckle Brothers

Today the Lieutenant Colonel and I (assisted by Amy) had to remove a server (weight approx 30kg) from the office across the car park. The office has 3 floors, ground, first and second.

The Lieutenant Colonel got a trolley to put the server on, and off we set.

When when got to the block the Lieutenant Colonel directed us to the lift (I’ve been here for 8 years and I didn’t know there was a lift !).

Up we went to the 2nd floor only to be confronted by an empty cabinet “Ah it must be the 1st floor” the Lieutenant Colonel explained.

I suggested getting the lift, but the Lieutenant Colonel said “no, no, I’ll bump it down the stairs”

Bump, bump, bumpity bump later, we arrived on the 1st floor.

Find server, remove from rack place on trolley, find some contraband, which we give to Amy (just in case, if we are caught, she will get off with a caution, us old lags though…).

Now the fun begins.

We press the button to call the lift, nothing, press again, nothing. TLC suggests I go to the 2nd floor and bring it down to the 1st.

Off I go, get into lift, slam the doors shut, with a satisfying clang, and press the button for the 1st. Nothing. Press again, again nothing. Press G and off we go to the ground.

Hmmm I think that’s odd. Press 1, nothing, press again, nothing, press 2, and off we go to the 2nd floor. As we pass the 1st I hear Amy laughing and TLC shouting “you want the 1st floor”, “I know” I shout back.

I get out of lift on 2nd floor, walk down to 1st and say “I don’t think the 1st floor is working, you try it”

TLC goes up to the second floor, I hear the lift doors slam, then open, “you’re right” he shouts down.

So there we are on the 1st floor, 1 trolley, 1 large server, 2 large men and one teenage girl who has now realised that the glamorous world of IT isn’t all its cracked up to be.

We wait for a while a little like Laurel and Hardy in the film with the piano (though in truth we are more like Hardy and Hardy).

OK says TLC lets carry it down stairs, “Amy you bring up the rear, if we fall we are falling down the stairs, not up”.

Surprisingly easily we make it down to the ground, where we are confronted with the security “airlock”.

More on that later…


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