Bowling in the deep

A report on last nights bowling – in limerick form

A jolly good time was had bowling,

The Major came though his horse is foaling,

They went on the tube,

Toby looked like a rube,

They couldn’t wait to get those balls rolling

Hoggjitsu and Gordon were missing

There are rumours they may have been kissing

This cannot be true

It’s not something they’d do

Or maybe Hoggjitsu was wishing

Will is now scared of salt and of food

Makes you big like the Major, how rude !

With his weight he might fail

Is he partially snail

That explains the unpredictable mood

The Vampire Queen and the Temptress

Vied to be the bowling lane Empress

Clothing was key

Which one would it be

Unluckily neither was wearing a short dress

The Scots Giant and old Kernel Flapjack

Main tactic was attack, never step back

Kernel Flapjack was winner

The giant pined for his dinner

Which made his performance quite slack

What shall we say of the Major

he was subject of a substantial wager

was he likely to cheat

only if getting beat

Which led to his dreadful behaviour

It seemed that someone bowled the wrong way

Who that was I really could not say

He is working to rule

Union – Old School

It may be the Pirate hooray


Kernel Flapjack – 120

Infinitepirate – 104

The Major – 93

The Flamed Haired Temptress and the Scottish Giant – 84

The Vampire Queen – 83



One Response to Bowling in the deep

  1. wilddoghogg says:

    Brilliant write up. Sounds like Gordon and I missed a good night.

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