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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

  1. Who doesn’t like Norse Mythology
  2. Is Neil Gaiman capable of writing something that isn’t readable
  3. The final story of Ragnarok is particularly good

Best book I have read so far this year

Sad Robot

Never forget there is always someone worse off than you

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Rail Strikes

ASLEF members reject deal by 54.1% to 45.9%.

I’m looking forward to hearing Conservative (and Labour for that matter) MPs supporting the strike now.

We know from the Brexit vote in Parliament that the result of a vote should be respected, even if you think the outcome is wrong.

Come on lads, step up and support the strikers.



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Behind Her Eyes – Sarah Pinborough

Psychological thriller with a twist at the end. Did I see it coming, sort of. Real page turner though


Cultural Zeitgeist

Invisible Planets: An Anthology of Contemporary cience Fiction in Translation.

13 stories by Chinese authors, not a bad one among them.

Definitely recommended

Cultural Zeitgeist

Conor Oberst at the London Palladium

Little Conor with just a bassist. He was very, very good, but also had possibly the most decadent thing I have seen on a stage. He had 2, yes 2 harmonica roadies. One who took them from the stand at the back of the stage who then passed them to a man sat by the piano who rinsed them in a bowl of water.


Sadiq Khan vs Donald Trump

Sadiq Khan said he was opposed to Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

“My dad was a bus driver, I don’t know if you knew that, but he was. He would allow anybody on his bus, black or white, Jew or Muslim or Christian. He drew the line at North Londoners. They were different times though, different buses.”

The Fight Against Terrorism

Todays excitement. Trouble getting chocolate through security at Nice airport. Bought some chocolate that was made to look like traditional French cheese (we have just eaten it, it was delicious, rich but delicious). It was in bag and showed up on scanner. First thing was trying to explain that it was chocolate and not cheese. Then he insisted it was examined so I had to open it up, then he prodded it, then just to be safe he swabbed my hands, front and back, my bag, my belt buckle, the chocolate and the box it was in. FInally he was ok with it and let me keep it. Always happy to do my bit in the fight against terrorism.

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Will Seaward’s Spooky Ghost Stories!

An hour of good silly fun at the Museum of Comedy. Very funny. Rose dragged up on stage to hold the torch while he dug in the miniature graveyard and thenasked to read the list of uses for ghosts.

Yes that sort of show.

Rigged System

Jeremy Corbyn telleing us the system is rigged against the vast majority of people.

I have just sent him the following tweet:

“So will Labour be backing a fair voting system, or are you hoping you can “game” it enough to win a majority.”

Let’s see if we get a reply shall we