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The Medusa Chronicles – Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter

Proper old fashioned hard science fiction. Full of completely incomprehensible (unless you are an astrophysicist) science.

Enjoyed every bit of it. Highly recommended

Run Away

More pronouncements on what is wrong with the Labour party from people who ran away when they couldn’t get their own way.

He could of stayed and fought for what he believed of course, but that was too hard.


Forgetting the Point

Interesting article by Polly Toynbee about what the 172 Labour MPs who don’t support Jeremy Corbyn should do next.

Apparently they should fight against Brexit. She seems to have forgotten that they could have done that from the 24th June.

Except that was when they decided to stage what will almost certainly be their failed coup against Jeremy Corbyn.

When they were needed more than ever to fight the disastrous decision to leave the EU they decided to start playing stupid games, and playing them badly!

When we needed them they turned and ran, every bit as much as Johnson, Gove and Cameron have.

Of course Polly Toynbee was one of those who split the Labour Party when she went off to help form the SDP.

It’s always the tight of the Labour party that splits, their sense of entitlement and belief that it is their party is second to none.

DISCLAIMER: I have not voted Labour in decades now, I do not support Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour Party.



Fruit and Honeyed Almond cake

And very nice it is too

Cultural Zeitgeist

Home Gathering festival by The Unthanks.

Unthanks great (more below) as for the rest:

Remainder of festival – not great

Venue – disappointing

Newcastle – didn’t like it at all

The Unthanks – lovely, 5 sets of clog dancing, and the reprise of Mount the Air that they finish their set with is among the most thrilling, exhilerating things you will see on stage anywhere.

Glad we went, in order to experience it. Won’t be going again.

Cultural Zeitgeist

The Rental Heart and other Fairytales by Kirsty Logan.

My favourite new author of the year, writer of The Gracekeepers, commented on previously.

The Rental Heart etc was described by one critic as a mix of Steampunk, Retro-romanticism and Queer fiction.

Sounds about right.

I loved it


Unelected Prime Ministers

I know it is a small hope to cling to but lets look at the history of unelected Prime Ministers in my lifetime:

Alec Douglas-Home – Lost next General Election

Jim Callaghan – Lost next General Election

John Major – Lost next General Election

Gordon Brown – Lost next General Election

Theresa May – ?

Cultural Zeitgeist

  1. The Avett Brothers at The Shepherds Bush Empire. No Support played for 2 and quarter hours. They are a completely different band from when I first saw them, not better or worse just different. Still great live, almost as though they are readying themselves for stadium superstardom.
  2. Once Again Asembled Here by Sean O’Brien – Novel set in a minor public school in a fictional English town. Late 60’s and the echos of British fascism from the 30’s still reverberates. Very good
  3. Seven Brief Lesson on Physics by Carlo Rovelli – 7 (the clue’s in the title) short articles about physics, fascinating though frankly at times the implication of what he explains is incomprehensible. Very enjoyable

The War on…

The War on Drugs

Attack the supply, not the demand

The War on Obesity

Attack the demand, not the supply

The War on Terrorism

Attack the demand and the supply

And none of them are working!

Cultural Zeitgeist

Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman

The best book I have read this year.

Visceral, I have no idea if this is what being a 16 year old girl is like, but God this is terrifying.

I repeat the best book I have read this year