A Wizard, a True Star

The Major has just told us that he is going deaf and blind.

He does play a mean pinball though.

Korean Sunday Roast

Exciting Sunday dinner featuring the following

Algamja-gorim (braised baby potatoes)

Gaji Bokkeum (stir fried aubergines)

Korean pancakes

Spinach in a korean dressing

Bulgogi (Lorean BBQ beef)

Effectively a Korean Sunday roast – Beef, 2 veg, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding.

All made by me, all delicious.

Lovely company as well, Rose (of course), and Helen and Simon (sans Vietnam vet cat)

Master of Hobbies

I am the Master of Hobbies.

Today’s hobby is called “pushing a fat person down a hill”

For today’s hobby you will need a hill. I suggest going to the Observatory at Greenwich Park. Y0u will be able to get some fresh air at the same time. You will need a collection of foodstuffs to tempt the fat person. I use mini pork pies, Pringles and chunky Kit-Kats. You will also need a flask of weak lemon drink.

At the top of the hill lay out your foodstuffs in an enticing manner. Then sit on one of the many benches that are available. You can now have your weak lemon drink while waiting for the arrival of a fat person.

When the fat person arrives their chubby face will burst into a smile and they will exclaim “Ooh! look at all these lovely treats”.

When they bend to help themselves to the treats you must leap up and push them, hard!

They will start to roll down the hill in a most amusing manner.

I am the master of hobbies.

Cultural Zeitgeist

Marcus Brigstocke at the Blackheath Halls

Really really good, better than I expected. First half a rant about Brexit second half more personal stuff.

Scarily (Rose “yes it was a bit scary”) I think the of all the comedians i’ve seen (and i’ve seen a lot) the one whose view of the world most lines up with mine.


Cultural Zeitgeist

“Would you like a happy song or a sad song. That’s a trick question, there are no happy songs.”

Simone Felice at St Pancras Old Church.

One of the wonders of the modern age

Places to leave your lover

41 – Send her to Denver, John

42 – Just go to Houston, Whitney

43 – Runaway to Austin, Steve

44 – Get the train to Buffalo, Bill

45 – Get on that steamboat to Washington, Denzil

46 – Get the plane to Dublin, Dion

47 – Have some cake in Dundee, Angelo

48 – Start a fire in Phoenix, River

49 – Is it snowing in Crosby, Bing

50 – Wait ’til the flowers are in Bloom, Orlando

This is a thing…apparently

Man convicted today, after a partially secret trial of the offence of “preparing to join ISIS”

Now I’m not even sure that joining ISIS should be an offence, but I am certain that “preparing to join ISIS” shouldn’t be.


What is wrong with people?

The interesting thing about this is that 7% more people were worried about immigration in September than in August. It’s almost like Brexit has released some existential fear of foreigners.

31-40 Ways to Leave Your Lover

31 – Make her sit on a bomb, Tom

32 – Push the boy down a well, Nell

33 – Tell her she’s too showy, Joey

34 – Show her who’s boss, Ross

35 – Tell her she looks like the Great Alexander, Chandler

36 – His breath makes you sicker, Monica

37 – Say his stomach’s palatial, Rachel

38 – His last gift was a freebie, Phoebe

39 – You’ve got wandering hands, Franz

40 – Say your going to Spain, Wayne



After giving it long hard thought I am prepared to concede that there may be some immigration that I am opposed to; Daleks and Cybermen.

Though in fairness it would be wrong to judge any new Daleks or Cybermen trying to enter the country by the standards of their fellow “countrymen”.

So on balance I think I would be prepared to let them in.