The War on…

The War on Drugs

Attack the supply, not the demand

The War on Obesity

Attack the demand, not the supply

The War on Terrorism

Attack the demand and the supply

And none of them are working!

Cultural Zeitgeist

Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman

The best book I have read this year.

Visceral, I have no idea if this is what being a 16 year old girl is like, but God this is terrifying.

I repeat the best book I have read this year



On thursday I mayhave implied (or stated in as many words) that the Lovely Alice was my favourite niece. This may have been done to ensure that she laughed at my jokes. This was in reality an unneeded insurance policy, because I was, as I knew I would be funny.

I woul like to make clear that I do not have a favourite niece, I love all 3 of my nieces equally.

My 4 nephews however, that is a different story, there is a clear favourite there.


Sour Cream Bundt Cake with Butter Glaze for the Homeopathic Sisters.

A large piece went on a tour of London and then came home again.

All the more for me!

Cultural Zeitgeist

Final Edinburgh WiP of the year. Bridget Christie at the Museum of Comedy.

Very good, still very WiP as she claims to have rewritten her show post Brexit.

Every bit as angry as Josie Long, but not as earnest and much, much funnier.


When not If

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police says a terrorist attack in London is a matter of when not if.

Lets not give him any more of our money to stop one then, as he has admitted he can’t.

Cultural Zeitgeist

Friday BAC Edinburgh work in progress – Josie Long – Something Better.

Something of a return to her earnest political stuff (even though she said she wanted to avoid that). Not that its not funny just not what I think she does best.

Good but could I think be better (and funnier)

Cultural Zeitgeist

Double bill of Edinburgh previews at the BAC

First up Dan Cook – good, reminded us of Joe Lycett

Second Sarah Kendall, very very good, very funny.

BAC replicating that full Edinburgh experience. Hot sweaty rooms tucked away in nooks and crannies of ramshackle buildings.

Cultural Zeitgeist

Simon Munnery work in progress at the Leicester Square Theatre

A new winner for the most work in progress, work in progress. Two weeks ’til the Edinburgh Fringe starts. He managed to stretch to 45 minutes and that was some of the most dishevelled, disorganised comedy I have ever seen. Mind he is always a bit like that. It was still very funny though.

#SavingLabour – Why bother

Advertisement in the Observer today urging people to join the Labour Party to vote against Jeremy Corbyn.

As far as we (Investigative Rosie and myself) can work out it appears as though the Labour Party are actively campaigning against their own leader.

Part of the advert says “Save Labour Save Democracy”

I would have thought it obvious that Labour and democracy are not synonymous, nor have they been for some time.



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